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Now the Covid regulations have ceased, we can once again hold Agility classes each week. So, if you have a dog over 10 months old which is full of energy, mischief and bored then, join us for weekly agility classes? Agility helps to train you and your dog without either of you realising it and it is a great fun thing to do with your dog! It helps dogs to gain in confidence so if your dog is over anxious or has too much energy, this is the game for you and your dog! It gives your dog a chance to use their brains, while the owners can have a 'good workout' and helps to keep you fit and improve your relationship with your dog! Why not join us on a Saturday afternoon for an hour of Dog Agility? Classes are held every Saturday from 1-2pm in the winter and once the clocks move forward we will be moving to every Wednesday evening starting at 7pm. All classes are at Westfield Stables, Fenway, Steeple Aston, Oxon. OX25 4SS,  directions to venue. We teach your dog how to jump hurdles, weave through poles, jump through a tyre, go over a long jump, go up the A frame, Seasaw and Dog Walk.  

New members are welcome to join us. Dogs must be over 10 months old. The 5 week introduction to agility course costs £60. You can start when ever you want too but you must pre book. Experienced dogs and their handlers are welcome.

Venue: Westfield Stables, Fenway, Steeple Aston, Oxon. OX25 4SS 

All courses must be pre booked so please email Jennie to obtain an information leaflet and booking form: ockcairns@yahoo.com

Agility is a great sport for both humans and dogs and has added bonuses:

Anyone can do agility, young children and the over 60's  Agility helps to create a partnership between you and your dog.
Any type of dog can do agility- pedigree or crossbreed. Agility helps dogs to gain in confidence and it gives them a chance to use their brains. 
Size doesn’t matter, we teach small, medium and large dogs.  It is great exercise for both dogs and their owner without them realising it!!
TUITION - in groups of up to 6 handlers and their dogs or on a one-to-one basis Dogs need to be at least 10 months old to start training for agility.

Your trainer is Jennie Fairweather who is an Agility Club Approved Basic Instructor  as well as UK Agility Level 1 Instructor. Jennie is a Kennel Club Agility Judge for Grades 1-7. Jennie has been training agility classes for over 20 years and used to do competitive agility but sadly Tinker is now longer with me.

To get further details of the agility classes download a  Agility Information leaflet  

or email me on: ockcairns@yahoo.com

If you want more information on agility, click on this link  Agilitynet website

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