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Now lockdown had ended, we are able to continue to hold our usual dog training courses.

The Puppy Socialisation and Basic Obedience and Intermediate/Advanced 6 week courses are every Thursday evening at Arncott village hall. Arncott.: 

  1. Puppy Socialisation starts at 6:45pm to 7:30pm

  2. Basic Obedience starts at 7:30pm to 8:15pm

  3. Intermediate/Advanced Obedience starts at 8:15pm to 9:00pm

Covid regulations will still be in place i.e. face masks will need to be worn while in the village hall keeping 2 metre distancing. There will be a maximum of 8 dogs and handlers per class and no spectatord allowed inside the village hall.

If you want to join us please either email Jennie at ockcairns@yahoo.com or telephone her 01869 322996

  • Agility is every Saturday from 1pm at Westfield Stables, Fen Way, Steeple Aston, OX25 4SS. The 5 week Introduction to Agility course costs £60. You can start when ever you want too but places must be prebooked. Experienced dogs and their handlers are welcome as are complete beginners!

  • Hoopers is also every Saturday afternoon in the winter from 2:15pm. Once the clocks go forward we will be moving to Wednesday evening starting at 7pm.The 5 week course costs £60. Complete beginners as well as more experienced handlers and their dogs are very welcome to join us but places must be prebooked.

  • Scent/Nosework. This is once a month at Arncott village hall. Contact Jennie : ockcairns@yahoo.com for the next 2 hour workshop. at Arncott village hall, Arncott. 

On Sunday 24th October we ran an Introduction to Hoopers workshop at Westfield Stables, Steeple Aston. We were lucky with the weather as it was dry. In the beginners class, we had 6 new handlers and their dogs being taught the basics for Hoopers using the Hooperholics method of training. We taught the dogs to run through the hoops so they develop Hoop awareness, to run around the barrels and to be able to do right and left turns. The barrels are used to 'smooth' out the Hooper courses so there is no stress on the dogs joints. Hoopers is very good for dogs who are too young to start agility or to old to do agility. It enables the dogs to be able to use their brains and you learn that you become a team rather than handler and dog. The second class was for those dogs that have already done some Hoopers. In this workshop we ran courses with various new training techniques e.g. working the dogs at a distance and not running with the dogs. Once again all the dogs did brilliantly and were very tired at the end of the session. I am so sorry but I was so busy that I didn't have time to take any photo's but have loaded some from another workshop so you can see what we did.

Thanks must go to Jonathan and Rosemary who were a great help on the day.


We had such an enjoyable weekend of 31st July and 1st August. Angela Lucas from Hooperholics came to give us some very valuable training for Hoopers. I am so proud to report that 4 of our club members were successful in gaining their some of their Hooperlevels. George and Mary gained their Level 2 Hooperlevel as well as the medal for Best Small Dog, Kate and Hugo and Jennie and Ava also gained their Level 2 Hooperlevels. Abi and Thatch and Rosemary and Shadow were successful in gaining their Level 3 Hooperlevel.On this course we had three guest handlers who also gained their Hooperlevels on Saturday. Sarah and Bea won Level 2 and Sarah with her second dog Rita won Level 3. Lesley and Jet  and Hettie with her border collie Level 4.

Thank you Angela Lucas for all your very helpful training techniques and everyone for coming to this Hooperholics workshop at Priors Marston Sports & Social club. 




All our Hooperholic winners!!

If you want to join us, we train every Wednesday evening at 7pm at 

Westfield Stables, Fenway, Steeple Aston, Oxon. OX25 4SS

Please pre book comtact Jennie ockcairns@yahoo.com

With the relaxation of the covid regulations I am pleased to say, as a club, we are nearly back to our normal training classes. I am running the following courses NOW, so you are able to begin to train your dogs once again. 

Puppy Socialisation for dogs less than 6 months old is every Thursday evening at 7 pm at Arncott village hall, Arncott, near Bicester.

Basic Obedience for dogs older than 6 months is every Thursday evening at 8 pm in Arncott village hall, Arncott, near Bicester.

Agility is every Saturday afternoon from 1pm. The 5 week introduction to agility course costs £60. You can start when ever you want too but you must pre book. Experienced dogs and their handlers are welcome.

Venue: Westfield Stables, Fenway, Steeple Aston, Oxon. OX25 4SS 

Hoopers is every Wednesday evening starting at 7 pm. The 5 week introduction to Hoopers course costs £60. You can start when ever you want too but you must pre book. Experienced dogs and their handlers are welcome.

Venue: Westfield Stables, Fenway, Steeple Aston, Oxon. OX25 4SS 

Scent/nose work is at Arncott village hall, Arncott. For dates and times of the next courses please email Jennie ockcairns@yahoo.com

If you are unlucky enough to miss out on the obedience training classes, I am still be able to help you to train your dog using online Zoom sessions for Obedience as well as Scent Work. There is no need to wait for the next courses to start, Zoom means you are able to have one to one training sessions with me, tailored to suit you and your dogs needs. You don't need to wait until we are allowed to train our dogs, you can start when ever you want too! So, those of you who have a new puppy, dogs who are beginning to develop bad habits or dogs who are unable to socialise with other dogs for one reason or another you can start their training NOW in the comfort of your own home! 

I will be following the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme for all obedience training so that you will soon be on your way for a happy, obedience dog. There are several advantages to online training:

  •  You do not have to get in the car and drive to the venue so saving on your time and petrol. 
  • If your dog doesn't like other dogs, there won't be any for it to worry about and there will no other dogs to distract your dog during training 
  • if you have just got a new puppy you can start training before it is allowed to meet up with other dogs. 
  • As I do not have any overhead costs I am able to offer these course at a reduced price.

The way Zoom works is that once you have signed up to a course and provided you have either use of a computer, smart phone or tablet that has video and a microphone, I will send you an invitation with a link and password to attend the meeting. It is very much like our usual training sessions in that you and I can see, speak, and hear each other, so I can demonstrate various techniques to you and then watch you practicing with your dog and I am able to help when there is a need. These are one to one sessions at a date and time convenient to us both. You can try one Zoom session for £10 which would be for 30 minutes or a short 3 week course lasting for 45 minutes per session for £30.

Places do have to be pre-booked so please contact Jennie email ockcairns@yahoo.com for a Booking form. Payment is due before the course starts.

We had very good results on our Kennel Club Good Citizen test night on Thursday 28th November 2020 at Arncott village hall.

Puppy Foundation Socialisation Award: Blyth Williams and Lily, Val Bending and Domino, Alex Sommer and Alma, Nick Carlaw and Dorothy, Karen Fagg and Bailey

Bronze Award was awarded to: Jackie Roberts and Mia, Madhuri Dutta and Skylar, Helen Cannon and Kufie, Lee Warner and Rupert, Jess and Lexi, Roxanne and Eddie. Well done everyone you deserved to pass as you have all worked so very hard.

Two Scent/Nose work workshops on Saturday 18th January 2020 and Saturday 22nd February 2020.


Scent work is a natural occupation for your dog. It uses its nose to learn about the world around it from who or what has just walked along the path, sniffing out drugs, to telling their owner they have a low or high blood glucose as in people who have Diabetes. In these workshops we will teach the dogs to find a specific  scent (in this case first sausages and then Cloves) and for the dog to indicate to the owner that it has found the scent hidden in boxes and luggage. Dogs will learn 'Odour Recognition' and be able to find the hidden scent and indicate to the handler where the scent is placed.  Owners will learn how to read their dog's body language indicating the dog has found the scent. New dogs welcome. Your Trainer is Jennie who is an approved Scentwork UK Instructor as well as a Judge for Levels 1-4.

The courses are for any dog, big or small, old or young (minimum age is 4 months and fully vaccinated). There is a maximum of 10 dogs for these workshops. 

Dates: Saturday 18th January 2020 and Saturday 22nd February 2020 

Time 1-3pm 

Venue: Arncott village hall, Arncott 

Price: £25 per dog per workshop.   

Places must to be booked for these coursse.

Contact Jennie for further details 

Heel Work to Music Workshop on Saturday 25th May with 

Louise Ince

L ouise has competed at Crufts Heel Work To Music (HTM), won many competition in both Heel Work and Freestyle as well as being a very talented Trainer is coming to Oxfordshire on Saturday 25th May 2019 to share her knowledge of Heel Work To Music (HTM).
All dogs are welcome (must be at least 10 months old) so if you have never tried HTM before you are welcome. Equally if you are competing, you are welcome to come along. We can look at Freestyle as well as HTM positions, Or if you have become stuck with something in your routine. For the new handlers Louise can teach you some new 'tricks' e.g. twist or twirl', begging, give paw, dog walking in front of you or on the right hand side of you, leg weaves, etc. The list is endless, Louise will be able to help y ou. Any suggestions from those attending the workshop will be welcome?

All dogs are welcome big, small, pedigree or cross breed. Dogs must be at least 10 months of age. Those new to Heel Work To Music are most welcome as are those more experienced HTM handlers.

The Venue is Arncott Village Hall, Upper Arncott, Bicester , OX25 1PL
The date is: Saturday 25th May 2019

Price: £50 per dog or £15 as a spectator

Places need to be booked. Contact Jennie ockcairns@yahoo.com for a booking form

  Heel Work to Music Workshop on Saturday 22nd June with 

Lesley Brockenhurst

In this workshop Lesley will help the newer recruits to the sport develop basic moves and behaviours and build a strong handler/dog partnership. More experienced handlers will concentrate on choosing suitable music, a theme or story and identify appropriate moves to plan and develop their performance effectively.  Motivation and fun will be a key element for all. All dogs are welcome big, small, pedigree or cross breed. Dogs must be at least 10 months of age. Those new to Heel Work To Music are welcome as are those more experienced handlers.

The venue is Arncott village hall, Upper Arncott, Bicester, Oxon OX25 1PL

The date is: Saturday 22nd June 2019

Time: arrive from 9:30am for tea or coffee to start at 10am. Finish around 4pm

There are places for 15 dogs and Handlers costing £40 per dog on a first come basis or unlimited spectator places at £15 per person. Only dogs working on the course will be allowed in the hall.  

Places need to be booked. Contact Jennie ockcairns@yahoo.com for a booking form. Once the place is booked the booking fee is non-refundable except under exceptional circumstances. 


Our last Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests were held on Thursday 21st March 2019. And once again I was so pleased that all who took the test passed, so, well done everyone you all worked so very hard training your dogs.

 Puppy Foundation/Assessment Award:  

Congratulations go to Jo and Olivia with Mac, Jade and Marla and Philip and Rebo. There isn't a test as such in this course but continual assessment each week.

Just one dog and his owner took this test and gained their Bronze Award:

Alan and Sky - well done

Five dogs passed their Gold Award:

Charlotte and Kodi, Rosemary and Shadow, Abi and Thatch, John and Scout (although Kirsten had trained him but was unable to do the test), Chris and Bosco. Well done to you all, you have all worked so well with your dogs.

We had a Kennel club Good Citizen test on Thursday 22nd November 2018. Our Judge for the evening was Shona Williams - Thank you Shona. I was so pleased that everyone who took the tests, all passed!! 

Well done everyone!

We had 3 puppies who gained their Kennel Club Good citizen Puppy Foundation/Assessment Award:


Alison and Billy, Victoria and Mia. Alan and Skye.


Five dogs gained their Bronze Award:

        Lilly and Harvey, Liz and Oli, Gill and Sherlock, Charlotte and Kodie, Shona our Judge and Judy and Bowie.

Two dogs passed their Silver Award:

            Chris and Bosco, our Judge Shona and Abi and Thatch

Very pleased to tell you that we have had several of our Puppies graduate after finishing the 10 week Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Assessment course on 30th November 2017:

Sian and Luna, Joy and Jack, Lizzie and Rusty, Harry and Bleu, Sarah and Mr Darcey, David and Cookie and  Ruth and Nibbler.

Well done to you all you are brilliant!

We held a Kennel Club Good Citizen test on Thursday 12th October. I am pleased to say all the dogs passed so well done to you all.

Bronze Award: passed were Beverley and Roly and Sandra and Alfie.  Well done both of you, you worked very hard.

Silver Award: Beau and Mabel and Beverley and Roly. These two teams passed with flying colours.

27th May 2017

Saturday was the last session of the 3 week scenting course. The dogs (and their handlers) all have worked so very well and on Saturday the dogs were able to find not just the treats hidden on the tables & chairs, Boxes and luggage and the peripheral search of the village hall but also the clove scents!! They have all progressed so well over the 3 weeks. Well done to all the handlers and their lovely dogs.

Bailey searching the tables and chairs

Bailey doing a peripheral search of the hall            Bailey searching the cardboard boxes and luggage


Congratulations to all our members who took and passed the Kennel Club Good Citizens tests on Thursday 23rd March 2017. 

In the Bronze Award: Alan and Silas and Juliet and Leo both passed.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Congratulations to all our members who took and passed the Kennel Club Good Citizens tests on Thursday 23rd March 2017. Melanie and Merlin, Amy and Vesper also passed their Silver Awards and Nick and Bentley and Shirley and Amber passed their Gold Awards.

Had a very enjoyable evening on Thursday 24th November 2016 when the club had the

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests.

There were 3 puppies who graduated out of the puppy class: 






Anthony and Mahi, Helen and Jango and Catherine and Juno.


Two dogs and their handlers passed the Bronze Award: 

Bex Matthews and Brian and Richard Kent and Mossy.

dogs and their handlers passed the Silver Awards: 

Shirley Wakelin and Amber, Louis Hoy and Cody, Mandy Harris and Max and Nick Mawer and Bentley. 

All the handlers have worked so hard over the last 8 weeks and I am very proud of you all. Well done.  

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme test night 26th November 2015. Our Judge was Shona Macpherson

Bronze Award went to: Alistair + Buzz, Val + Merlin,  Gareth + Honey and Megan + Gaston,  Emma + Lycan not in the photo


Gold Award went to:  Helen + Merlin

Congratulations  to the following dog handlers on passing their Kennel Club Good Citizen tests on  Thursday 2nd October 2015. Our Judge was Shona Macpherson.

Bronze award: Helen and Merlin, Sandra and Bramble, Clare and Ziggy, Sandra and Sadie


Silver award: Helen and Merlin, Sandra and Bramble, Graham and Poppy and Nikki and Pippa


Gold award: Graham and Poppy and Nikki and Pippa


Well done everyone, I am very proud of you all, you have worked very hard!!

We held the  Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests on Thursday 27th November 2014 and the following dogs and Handlers have passed:

Bronze Award:

Caroline White and Skye, Joy Atwood and Luca, Graham Jeffrey and Poppy,  Simon and Dexter, Shona our Judge and  Sarah Rymer and Bertie. Well done to you all,  you all worked very hard.

Silver Award: Only one dog and handler took this test and passed.  

Bill O'Neill and Sookie. Well done to you both.

Our Judge - Shona was raising money for Cancer Research and agreed to dress up for this occasion as she did last year. The club I am very proud to say gave a total of £48 towards this very deserving cause. Shona went to the Ladies Kennel Club General Championship Dog show dressed in this outfit too and has raised an amazing amount of money for Cancer Research. Just in case anyone was wondering, Shona did not wear her outfit while judging the dogs just in case they were worried about the skirt!

We held two Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests in July.

On 14th July 2014 the following passed their Bronze Awards.  Well done everyone you worked hard to achieve this award:

 Bill O'Neill and Sookie, Alex Pryce and Arthur, Amy Foster-Brain and Dexter, Jess Proberts and Minnie, Luke Ward and Buster, Lisa Clark and Cody.



Silver Award: Melanie Rettich and Honey, Shona MacPherson our Judge, Jane and Magic who were spectators and Catherine Kinchin and Charlie


On the 7th July those who passed their Bronze Award were: 


  Stephanie Hinton-Smith and Ziva, Joan Gannon and Juno. Sue Lane and Anna, Katie Lane and Riley, Shona MacPherson our Judge,  Jenny Houniet and George,  Well done everyone again, they all worked hard for their test and the difference in all the dogs showed the work put in by their handlers.

Some very special news from one of our club members:


Steven and Molly at Bicester's Mayor Making Ceremony.  When Melanie Magee handed over to the  new Mayor in the Mayor Making Ceremony, Steven was given  a Bicester Good Citizen award for being an ambassador for the charity Medical Detection Dogs.  He is pictured here with his certificate and wearing the pin badge with the Bicester crest. They were on television on This Morning on Mon 19th May.


Steven and Molly

Steven and Molly, the brown cocker spaniel have been members of this club for some years now, since Molly was a puppy. Just before the Crufts Dog Show, Steven's Mother told me that Steven and Molly had been chosen to be in the Crufts Friends for Life. This is  a special part of Crufts Dog Show where the public are asked to vote for the candidates, the winner is announced  during the televised Crufts Best In Show. The winner is the Handler and their dog who have the most votes from the public. Unfortunately this team were not chosen but put up a tremendous challenge.

Please watch the video.


Steven became a diabetic when he was only 3 years old and until Molly came along had lots of problems regulating his diabetes. Steven's parents bought Molly as a family pet and once she had finished all her innoculations, they started to train in our puppy classes at Arncott village hall. Molly is a highly intelligent dog and learnt very quickly passing her Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen Awards as well as enjoying weekly agility and flyball classes at this club. Sometimes Molly would be very naughty in class and keep jumping up at Steven and it appeared she was ignoring his training instructions much to Stevens disgust! Little did we know at the time that she was starting to alert to the changes in Stevens blood glucose level.  It was after a talk at the club by the Cancer Sniffer Dog charity (now Medical Detection Dogs) that the 'penny dropped' and we saw a pattern in Molly's behaviour. Serena, Stevens mother contacted the Medical Detection Dogs and after Molly was assessed, they accepted her on their training programme. The main reason being that she was already very well trained!! Last September I was so very pleased to hear that Molly had graduated as a Medical Alert Assistance Dog. 

Molly has changed this families life and Stevens Mother is now able to sleep at night knowing that Molly will come and tell her before Stevens blood glucose level become life threatening. Steven is more confident and doing more activities confident that what ever he does be it football, agility or flyball, Molly will be there to let him know in plenty of time if his levels start to change for the worse.


KC test night. Shona our KC GCDS Judge in her pink 'onesie' at the test night on 17th October 2013, raising funds for Cancer Research. We raised £40 for the charity.

Shona our KC GCDS Judge in her pink 'onesie' at the test night on 17th October 2013. Also Sue with Doris (l)  and Jon with Poppy (r)

left to right

Sue and Doris, Shona, Jon and Poppy and Cath and Fizz


left left to right

Sue and Doris, Edd, Jon and Poppy, Shona and Cath and Fizz, all successful in passing their KC Good Citizen Silver and Gold Awards

Bicester Carnival 23rd June 2013

Pictures from Bicester Carnival on 29th June 2013 at Pingle Field, Bicester





The club did an agility demonstration at the Churchill Dog Show in Churchill, Chippping Norton on 23rd June 2013. this is what Anne Batchelor has written about us:

Dear Jennie and all the Fairweather Agility team, I canít thank you enough for giving up your time to come to my Dog Show in Churchill and do a wonderful agility demo. Everyone loved it and the dogs loved it even more! The feedback  I had was just great and hopefully thanks to you a lot more people will think about doing Agility as a great way to have fun with their dog as well as a great way to exercise their dog in mind as well as body. The Dog Show was a huge success and we had 301 entries. Thank you so much for very kindly donating your proceeds and I am thrilled to say we made £345.00 which has all gone to Ardley Rescue Kennels. 

Thank you once again and I hope you will consider coming again.

Kind Regards


Brightwell Manor, Brightwell Cum Sotwell filming day 23rd June 2013

On Sunday 23rd June Jennie was asked to provide agility equipment and as many small agility dogs as possible for a documentary about dogs for BBC2. Little did she know how involved she was to become? She had been helping WindFall films for a couple of weeks as they wanted some small agility equipment as well as small agility dogs to film. On Sunday, the day for filming the agility part of the film, Jennie was surprised to find that she was to be the agility organiser of all the agility people that came along for the day - She was only expecting 5 dogs, 3 from this club and 2 more supplied by the film company! She was very confused when she arrived at Brightwell Manor at 9am to see literally hundreds of dogs. Thankfully half of them were flyball dogs, the rest, about 20 dogs were for the agility and they were all lovely. Jennie knew several of the handlers as she had trained with them in the past so she was a bit daunted when the film producer told her that she was in charge!!!!!! Not only that but she was to be speaking on camera with Kate Humble, the presenter, about small dogs and their uses and ability to do agility!!!!!!! Luckily for her she didn't know about this until 10 minutes before they filmed so Jennie didn't have time to get nervous. Kate Humble is such a lovely lady and Jennie didn't feel at all nervous and actually forgot they were filming. This is a documentary about the evolution of dogs with people and will be on BBC2 in the Autumn. Above are some photo's of some of the small dog handlers who came along to help with the filming. Go to the members photo's page for more photos of this event..  

Miranda Hart's Comic Relief Dog Show in Oxford

The club was invited to help out with Miranda Hart's Comic Relief Challenge to organise a Dog Show in Oxford. Jennie was asked to set a fun obstacle course. The show was part of The One Show on BBC1 television on Thursday 14th March. Go to the members photo's page to see them





         Jennie, Clare and Edd

       Miranda and Lola   Ashley and Pudsey,and   Garry and Gilly (Best In Show Crufts 2013) Miranda and Lola in the waggiest tail class Tracey and Peggy

  at The Comic Relief Dog Show in Oxford on Thursday 14th March 2013.

Fair Weather DTC held a Kennel Club Good Citizen Test on Thursday 17th January 2013 at Arncott Village Hall, Arncott with Shona MacPherson our Judge. I am very proud and pleased to say everyone who took a test passed with flying colours so congratulations to the following:

Bronze Award: Rob Janka and Shadow, Emma Wheeler and Daisy and Graham Cooper and Molly

Silver Award : Sue Safford and Dolly

*  Why not give someone an obedience, agility or Flyball course for a Christmas present or for their birthday ?  *

Email Jennie ockcairns@yahoo.com or phone her on 01869 322996

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